#nippoff -



#nippoff is a Featured Documentary about Kay & Nils, two talky Berlin friends, going on the adventure journey of their lives. From Berlin to Ishigaki, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone and Tokyo. A tour throughout Japan, where both men have to forgo one of their most important tools - to speak! 14 days, 24 hours per day of no verbal communication. What does that do to your own personality? How does such a social experiment affect the mutual friendship, but above all, as Nils and Kay asked themselves, who are we without our words?  

Of particular interest is the edit. Kay & Nils have taken great care to ensure that the tranquility, the sense of isolation, of being alone and not communicating were transported exactly as they were on the ground.

#nippoff is an authentic movie that works without any verbal dialogues from departure on. A film in which the dreariness of everyday life almost crushes you. We wanted to produce a film experience that was really different from the rest. That shows what happens when communication, no matter what language, does not really work anymore. Forcing the viewer to listen and to fully engage with what we experienced. Staying silent to listen - just like us. --- Like this? Check us out at www.nippoff.com


Look Development & Grading by Markward Wagner